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Dieses Video wurde ursprünglich für den Gebrauch auf einem ShoutCast-Kanal erstellt, daher die schlechte Auflösung. Da es aber ohnehin nicht viel zu sehen gibt, sollte das ja kein zu großes Problem darstellen. 😉

Informationen zur/aus der Quell-Datei:

Short:    an acid house track, a DBM module
Uploader: motion-lab(at) (Vladimir Sheremetiev)
Author:   motion-lab(at) (Vladimir Sheremetiev)
type:     mods/house

 Please read the sample names inside the module for additional info.
I consider this piece of music to be one of my best ones. Actually when
I began writting it, I thought it'd be something like house, but the
result resembles techno, either. It was written almost a year ago,
but still it sounds great (to my ears 8-). 
 Never doubt to contact me with anything you like - I am waiting!
 Vladimir Sheremetiev aka Freelance
 454116, Russia,
 street Karpenko, house 11, app.5

Some additional info: it is forbidden to use this module commercially or
                      in any purposes other than your personal listening.
                      If you want to make profit on it, spread it on some
                      media storage or anything else - contact the author. 

(C) Vladimir Sheremetiev, 2001


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