Mrz 122016

Dieses Video wurde ursprünglich für den Gebrauch auf einem ShoutCast-Kanal erstellt, daher die schlechte Auflösung. Da es aber ohnehin nicht viel zu sehen gibt, sollte das ja kein zu großes Problem darstellen. 😉

Informationen zur/aus der Quell-Datei:

Short:        Trance Module by Xenon/XTC DK
Author:       xenon(at) (Christian Møller)
Uploader:     xenon vip cybercity dk (Christian Møller)
Type:         mods/tranc
Architecture: generic

This really big module is one of my best tunes. It starts off pretty atmos-
pheric and get more rythmic and trancing later on. It makes much use of
Mod2Samp because of the 4 channel limitation, and thats why it's size is
so huge. It should probably have been done in OctaMED instead, but I have
a hard time trying to lay off ProTracker! :)

Duration: 06:19

* Hope you enjoy it! *

#x(at)n0n / xtc dk
this piece of music
was originally made
by captain hollywood
converted to
protracker by:
>>>x(at)n0n / xtc dk<<<
christian m0ller
kvongvej 196, lydum
DK-6830 nr. nebel
xenon(at) or i10cm(at)
tried to stick to
the original as much
as i could, therefore
the huge size.
greetz fly out to
all xtc dk members:
black sheep, bones
excalibur, b.f.h.,
the burglar,
mad murdock.
^vi vil ha' bajere^
^vil vi ik'os^


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