Mrz 022016

Dieses Video wurde ursprünglich für den Gebrauch auf einem ShoutCast-Kanal erstellt, daher die schlechte Auflösung. Da es aber ohnehin nicht viel zu sehen gibt, sollte das ja kein zu großes Problem darstellen. 😉

Informationen zur/aus der Quell-Datei:

More material from/about the author is found in 1Egypthemis.lha

 --------------------=(  M O D S   A N T H O L O G Y  )=--------------------

        - 4 CD-ROMs - 18000+ mods - Permission asked to the authors -
 - Multiplatform product (readable under ms-dos, win, mac, unix, AmigaDOS) -
     - All mods sorted by composers in priority, then groups and kinds -
           - MODs - FT1 - S3M - XM - MTM - IT - Amiga Synthetics -
        - Many informations about the authors (info-file, picture!) -
     - Many previously unreleased mods from the most famous composers -
  - 6 years of hard collecting - 6 months of hard 'author-contacting' ;) -
           - Many players and trackers included for each machine -
                 - All modules stored in uncompressed form -
                       - Long filenames! (not "8+3") -

 --------------------=(  M O D S   A N T H O L O G Y  )=--------------------

 For ordering the collection:

 - Europe:   WEB:   Mailto: stefano at
 - USA:      WEB:    Mailto: trash at


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